Great Day and a Couple Dozen Albies!

Fished with a fantastic couple yesterday from Massachusetts, Darlene and Charlie. Both are very experienced on a spinning rod and Charlie is also pretty good on a fly rod. Started at 7 looking for some early bird fish that had been close & that I know aren’t tide sensitive….we found those fish almost immediately. Darlene caught several on the spinning rod and Charlie hooked two and caught one at that spot on the fly rod. My guys were hungry around 9 so off they went to breakfast for a 10:30 restart at perfect tide timing for a spot on a rip. Off we went and almost immediately got in to swarms of fish and we stayed on them until 3:30. For 4 1/2 hours Darlene and Charlie caught fish nearly as fast as they could reel them in. There was a half hour during this particular tide that False Albacore  were boiling everywhere in  a 5 acre circumference around the boat.        It was during this crazy ‘Albie Blitz’ that Darlene caught her first False Albacore on a fly rod. Pretty thrilling for me actually!!! All the fish were caught on a fast retrieve with a diamond jig, or a slow retrieve with a pink Albie Snack on the spinning rods or on a tiny Tutti Fruitti closer with the fly rod. It was getting late so we went to look on the CT coast for stripers because this couple has a passion and pension for popper fishing Stripers. So, we no sooner got to my inshore Striper spot when, Albies showed up there too. Anyway, we almost could not have caught more fish in a day. Darlene and Charlie had doubles a couple of times and I even picked up a rod and we had the boats first ‘triple’ of the year. Everyone left happy, tired and worn out from battling these great fighting speedsters.  Leaving for Harker’s Island next Thursday and I’ll be there all of November so let’s go fishing.

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