Boat Loads of Albies and They are Chewing!

Fished with Jon from Baton Rouge, LA and Rick from Farmington, CT yesterday.  Both were experienced fisherman and handled a spinning rod really well.  Because of their timing we had to leave at slack tide, but it turned out that it didn’t matter.  Albies were absolutely everywhere we looked and they were chewing on baits like it was a priority to do so.  In fact, on one cast unbeknown to us, after a 5 minute fight the hook actually broke in half on a big Albie but the Albie Snack stayed on the half hook and another Albie ate the bait and hung on for dear life with no hook!!  We nearly boated that fish because he didn’t want to give up his Albie Snack.  Weather was cold and the wind came up big time at around 3:30, but no matter it just made the Albies even more aggressive.

Anyway, we lost count of all the fish, but neededless to say we caught a bunch.  All fish were on either 1oz metal jigs or hot pink Albie Snacks fished pretty slow.  I’m open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday this week and the weather forecast is awesome, so let’s go fishing.  Also, forgot to mention, plenty of legal Stripers busting bait at and near the CT river mouth. Some mixed with gator sized Bluefish. I’m leaving for North Carolina next week so this week is pretty much it for Connecticut. But for now fishing doesn’t get any better than this so let’s go!


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