Lots of Albies with Lock-Jaw and Really Crummy Weather!

Fished with a wonderful Father and son team from Fairfield CT yesterday. Father, John, was a good fisherman and handled a spinning  rod like a pro. 10 year old son, Jack, was pretty good with a rod too especially for a 10 year old. John and Jack wanted  Albies and especially wanted a first Albie for Jack. We left at first light and didn’t find the fish that had been hanging around my dock. No problem though, forecast was for 73 degrees, sunny and no wind so we had all morning to get Albies. Turned out to be 60 degrees and rain the entire trip. We were all soaked when we finally got in. Back to the fishing though….once we started looking we found fish in every spot……and in some cases lots of fish. Had plenty of casts to breaking fish and on a normal day would and should have caught a dozen. Not today though. We fished and tried every trick possible and throughout the morning young Jack hooked three but we weren’t able to boat any of them. Ugh!! So off we went in the rain for a 10 mile additional run to a secret spot that I thought would get us Jack’s fish. Sure enough the fish were there and Jack finally hooked (and caught) his first Albie. Whew!!!!  Soaked, cold  and beat up we headed back with our picture and Jacks first Albie. Kudos to dad and son for their determination and focus in really crummy conditions. We’ll blast ’em in better weather next time.


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