Fog, Finiky Fish, First Albies!

Fished a wonderful couple, Kris and Pat from St. Louis today.  Both were new to saltwater fishing but we were determined to get both their first Albie today.  We left in really thick fog and had to listen for fish instead of look for them.  We found fish 10 minutes from the dock, and lots of fish at that, but they really had lock jaw.  My crew adapted quickly to saltwater casting and it didn’t take them long to get the diamond jigs were they needed to be but the fish just wouldn’t cooperate.  After making me crazy from not eating, we actually left those fish to look for others and found a mountain of fish near Pleasure Beach.  Kris got her first Albie there and caught a good dose of Albie fever as well.  It didn’t take her long to get her next fish either and by now the fish were wearing her out.  Her second fish was a real pig for Connecticut.  Take a look at the pic below and you’ll see just how big this Albie was.  Anyway, we were now on the hunt for Pat’s first Albie and the couple must have made 500 good casts at breaking fish with no luck.  Our half day was about over and we had lost the tide but we were determined to get Pat a fish.  They went off to breakfast while I re-rigged and waited for the ebb tide.

We went out again with our quest to get Pat’s fish.  Sure enough, in the rocks near Millstone we found a big pod of fish in a foot of water.  They were literally chasing the bait onto the rocks.  A couple casts just behind them and BAM…….’game on’ for Pat.  15 minutes later we boated his first Albie.  The fish were really finicky today.  Plenty of them but just not taking the jigs.  We continued to find fish and continued to be  frustrated while trying to get Pat a second fish to match Kris.  Long story short it didn’t happen, but Pat did finally get his fish.  What a thrill for both Pat and Kris and what a relief for me.  I haven’t missed for anyone yet this year and today wasn’t about to be the first.  Anyway, lots of fish, lots of fog, but fish for Kris and Pat.  I give them lots of credit and major kudos for being tenacious and can’t wait to fish them again.


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