Finicky Fish Were Everywhere Today!!!!

Fished with a fabulous couple from Massachusetts today. Both were excellent and experienced fishermen. Left the doc a little early on a slack tide and had an Albie two minutes from the dock. First couple of fish were right in the mouth of the Thames and oddly they were showing without birds and without any tide. Fish there proved finicky so we left them for Pine Island only to find boat loads of Albies that were just as finicky as those we left. Caught a couple more at Pine and then we were off to the rips between Plum Gut and Watch Hill.  We hit every rip while following the ebb tide and had lots of fish in every spot. My anglers were just about worn out from catching so we left more Albies to take a break on some Stripers behind Fishers Island  on topwater poppers. Oddly enough we didn’t have much luck with the Stripers so, well rested, we headed for Watch Hill. Not a fish or bird  to be found there until I ran over a pod of fish. A second later it was ‘fish on’ there too.  What? Finicky fish all day and then we ran a pod over and caught them on one cast.  These Albies are crazy and, by this time in the season, they are  making me as crazy as they are. At the end of the day we boated maybe 12-18 Albies that wore us all out.  Really a gorgeous day…with .lots of fish, fishing and  catching.  Good time had by all and my crew left tired,  sore and happy!!!!  Can’t wait to fish this couple again. Really lovely people and fine fishermen.


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