2 Minute Albies

So left around 9:30 AM to fly rod Albies with a client that’s good on the fly rod. Was going to get gas at my dock when Albies blew up right at the gas dock.  Motored far enough from the dock to get a backcast and it was ‘fish on’. No sooner did we get that first Albie to the boat then he hooked another. Crazy!!! Fish at the gas dock!! Anyway, we kept on those fish for the rest of the morning and they stayed hungry until the tide was done at about 2 PM.  Fish were eating bay anchovies so a small epoxy fly that I tie with aluminum tape body under epoxy did the trick. I’ve included a picture of the fly below. It may seem to you that a fly this small will get lost in the crowd but once these fish have been in the sound for a while they can get very picky so, with  a fly anyway, you need to ‘match the hatch’. This fly is maybe only an  1 1/2″ to 2″ long and the fish ate it with abandon. Who would know, sometimes we have to go all the way to Montauk to get on fish and today we found them at the gas dock at my marina not 200 yds from where I moor the boat?!?!?


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