Albies are Here!!!!!!!

I fished with a great guy and good fisherman from Connecticut today. The plan was to leave early and head to Watch Hill to look for the years first False Albacore. I didn’t fish yesterday but had a good report  that the fish were starting to show.  We no sooner left the dock though and we were in fish. Turned out to be all Bluefish and Stripers  so we burned 2.5 hours on a mountain of fish.  Caught 25 or maybe more in that time.   By now it was 9 AM and the flood tide was going to be over at Watch Hill at 10:30 and we were a half hour away. Anyway, off we went to Watch Hill. As soon as we got close I could tell by the way the birds were working that the years first Albies had arrived.  There was a load of bait in the water; maybe 50 different pods of bait all the size of a school bus. The Albies were having their way with the pods; blasting through all the bait and not staying strictly in the rip. The Fat Alberts were moving really fast, as usual, and blowing up everywhere but were really finiky on a spinning rod. When the tide went to slack we had only hooked one but were plenty happy to see the years first fish!  GAME ON!

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