Fish on both Tides

Fished a CT local yesterday; he was a good fisherman on spinning gear. We found fish at every spot but one yesterday.  The Bluefish are getting bigger as the fall season gets in full swing and the cooler weather and water has the Stripers chasing and getting to baits that the Bluefish would have beat them to just a couple weeks ago.  Watch Hill has Albies as does Montauk. I’ve been running to get to the Albies but for those with ‘False Albacore fever’ it’s well worth it. Only a mater of days, tides or hours until they’ll be in thick locally and we won’t have to run for them. Stripers are eating topwaters and soft plastics with abandon, Bluefish are eating just about anything and Albie are eating small epoxy jigs and Albie Whore flies. Fishing is really good and the weather is gorgeous this week so let’s go fishing.

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