Epic Fishing Today

So I fished two great guys today – Steve #1 and Steve #2 from Indiana.  We had a huge thunderstorm blow through from 9:45 until 11:00 AM, which knocked down trees and blew to ‘beat the band’ for an hour.  We saw a window to fish that coincided with the ebb tide, so off we went at about 11:30.  First stop was Race Rock and it was loaded with Stripers and Bluefish.  Both guys hooked up on their first cast.  About 5-10 fish in, Steve #1 caught the biggest Bluefish I’ve ever seen.  The fish took us maybe 20 minutes on 15lb test and a light spinning rod.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the fish.  We kept hooking smaller Bluefish even though we  could see the Stripers in with them.  Bluefish were just too fast for the Stripers to get to the baits.

We left fish there to snoop around Plum Island.  No sooner did we get to my spot when we were inundated with birds.  It’s not an exaggeration that in 3 hours these two guys got 75-100 fish including a couple more big Bluefish and several Stripers just under keepers.  As the tide slowed, we started letting 1oz diamond jigs sink to get below the Bluefish.  That 5-10 count drop and a slightly slower retrieve got Steve #1 a really nice Striper in the 25lb range.  Steve #2 was catching fish on nearly every cast but was convinced he had a bad bait on for him when he didn’t get the big Striper.  Even so, he likely caught 2-3 more nice Bluefish while Steve #1 was getting the Striper to the boat. Anyway, everyone had fun, we got some good pictures and made memories while leaving with sore arms.  Good time had by all.  Fishing is off the hook good so let’s go fishing!


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