Big Bluefish!!

Fished with some great guys today, Tom and his son Joey from New Jersey.  We headed out early to Watch Hill on the ebb tide to look for Bonito but didn’t see any.  It felt like we killed 45 minutes up and back for nothing, but from there we ended up in The Race with a Bluefish smackdown. Birds and big Bluefish everywhere.  Tom got one of the big boy Bluefish in the mid teen range while Joey got 4 of that size as well.

From there. we headed to Plum Island.  We picked our way around and got several more fish.  The wind picked up so we headed back across  to Black Point and then to Bartlett’s.  Anyway, lots of fish with more out on the reefs  than there were crushing the beaches on the CT shore. At the end of the day though, lots of big fish that tugged pretty hard and some epic bird and bait shows along the way.


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