Hard to Beat

I’ll keep this short today. Truth is I’m beat from bringing so many fish over the gunnel.   Fished the afternoon ebb tide.  Giant Bluefish covered ‘The Race’ and every other reef from Watch Hill  to Plum Gut.  Bluefish were chasing bunker but hitting anything we threw to them.  Literally every lure we threw at them was eaten. No Stripers today but only because the Bluefish  ate all the baits so quickly. Lost count of all the fish. Really could not have been better!!! Near Watch Hill the water is loaded with Macherel. There are plenty of reports from the local tackle shops of Bonito but I’ve yet to get any this year. I’ll believe the reports when I catch them but they really are due here any day now. Also only a week or two from the Albies starting to show. Game on then!!!

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