Gorgeous Day & Lots of Fish!!!!

Fished a really nice father, Steve, from Cleveland and son, Will, from CT Sunday and Monday.  Sunday’s weather was warm but the wind blew to 25 mph hour and made for rough fishing. We picked away all day and managed to put maybe a dozen Bluefish and Stripers in the boat but we got beat to a pulp doing it.  Luckily Steve and Will were up to it and we stayed with it all day.  They were brave and came back Monday which was a different story all together. Maybe the nicest day of the year with a light wind and 80 degrees. Both days we fished the ebb tide and day two was pretty much non stop fish. Several Bluefish in the teens and lots of Bluefish in the 6-10 lb. range. Both anglers started off on spinning gear and the fish were really keyed in on swim baits, lures or jigs with pink in it. Spinning rods  were loaded with 15lb test braid to a 15 lb leader.  Steve switched to a fly rod on day 2 and caught maybe 5-6 stripers to 10lbs. Fly rod was a 9wt loaded with 350 gr sink tip and a 6ft 15lb fluorocarbon leader.  Will stayed with light spinning gear and caught maybe a dozen or more Bluefish and Stripers. The fish were feeding  on small squid and so, with the fly rod, a pink and white deciever did the trick. Most of the fish caught on the spinning rod were caught with a fast retrieve and a pink and chrome 1 oz diamond jig, at or close,  to the surface.  We fished from Watch Hill to Plum Gut and found fish virtually everywhere in between. Fish stayed up through the slack tide and while we didn’t stay for the flood tide my guess is the fish were still there after the tide change. Most of the day,  Monday,  we were in a bird, bait and gamefish frenzy. If there is a tip I could give to the fly rod guys it would be to keep stripping the fly all the way to the boat as I lost count of how many fish ate the fly within 10 ft. of the boat.  Fingers crossed that fishing stays this good right through to the fall.  All fish were released in good shape to fight another day.

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