Spanish Mackerel?

So top water spinning and fly fishing remains ‘lock and load’ fantastic.  In the mean time who would think we would catch Spanish Mackerel behind Fishers Island. Chasing a school of what should have been bluefish and Spanish Mackerel showed and were biting. Crazy for this far north and inside the sound!  Fun to catch though and only added to the fantastic fishing. So much bait in the water. Lots of sand eels and loads of rain bait. I suppose that the huge influx bait is what has the fish so turned on and what’s bringing the Spanish Mackerel in so close. Whatever it is we’ll take it. I have a couple of days open this week before next weekend so call if you want in on some epic topwater Bluefish & Striper action and, who knows, maybe a Spanish Mackerel or two mixed in.

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