Low Pressure System Over Long Island Sound Has Really Turned the Stripers On! (Big Bluefish Too!!)

I was only able to fish a half day today as we had to get in by 2PM because of the impending thunderstorms.  Also, an odd thing happened today before.  Thunderstorms started around 4PM, and there was so much static electricity in the air that before the storms the fishing rods were actually ‘buzzing’ with electricity.  On spinning gear you would get a shock that went all the way up your arm when casting.  Once that started it was time to call it quits.  Before that though, the fish were on the surface and really turned on today.  I’ve often seen that the fish go nuts on surface feeding when a big low pressure systems roll through.  Stripers and bluefish were chasing sand eels and yet were very fussy on baits, especially considering how turned on the fish were.  I had to have sand eel imitations for flies or they just wouldn’t eat.  On the spinning rods, we went to very small paddle tail minnows with almost no body and just the tail dragging being the 1/2 oz jig.  I was biting the heads of the rubber spinning baits as fast as I could to get the jigs reloaded.

As I said earlier, it was non-stop action today.  There were mostly stripers in the schoolie to 30″ range along with some very big bluefish.  On the fly anyway, these were the first really big bluefish I’ve seen this year.  The ratio of stripers to bluefish was maybe 10:1 with way more stripers.  We fished in eastern Long Island sound near the west end of Fishers Island with all of my spots full of birds and fish.  Even with all the commotion it was definitely a day where you needed to march the hatch.  Had to have the fly or spinning baits just right for the fish with a super fast retrieve and had to burn the spinning rods to get the fish to chase.  Once the fly patterns, spinning baits, and retrieves were dialed in though, it was sensational fishing with LOTS of action and excitement.  I have a few days open over the next couple weeks so call, text or email me to schedule.

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