Fly Fishing for Stripers in Long Island Sound

Yesterday I fished with a Fly Rod fellow from Old Lyme.  He was good with the fly rod and so we were able to cover lots of water in a half day.  We fished from Plum Gut almost to Watch Hill.  We found fish on both tides with a slight nod to the flood tide. The ebb tide was pretty good fishing with stripers on the surface through the slack tide. Found fish in several different places. Chased birds for a while on the south side of Fishers Island and, while tough fishing, were able to pick up a big striper on the fly.  The big low pressure system that went through a couple of days ago is long gone now and fishing was back to normal. The fishing on the day of the big low pressure was ‘off the hook’ good.  But that was a few days ago and so there we were today talking about the old ‘you should have been here yesterday’ story!  Eastern Long Island Sound is the craziest place to try to figure out.  One tide loads of fish..another tide they disappear.  One day fish are jumping in the boat and another you need to run and gun to find them.  Yesterday, however, was in between.  Ended with six or 7 stripers, mostly schoolie size to a little bigger, and one in the 30′ range.  The angler needed to be home by 2 so we actually had to leave some nice fish in open water.  They will be there for us on another day. Let’s fish soon!



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