Bluefish and Stripers Galore

Fished early and got off the water by 3.  Had fish all day under birds.  Pretty much all you could catch on the fly rod or spinning gear.  Fish hitting light colored decievers about 4″.  On spinning gear they were hitting 5″ paddle tail minnows on 1oz. Jig heads. Bluefish clobbering everything on top so best to let the fly get under the fish to get to the stripers. Pretty much all the reefs had fish on both tides. Fish actually stayed and chased bait even on the slack tide. Slack tide required a dead drift as the fish were boat shy when the water wasn’t moving. Good size bluefish and schoolie stripers. About a 3/1 ratio with more bluefish being  caught. Fished 9wts with 350 grain sinking line.  Used a 3″ stainless leader tippett to keep from loosing all the flies and neither stripers or bluefish seemed to care. Beautiful morning through noontime then the wind kicked up around 2 pm which made it tough for the fly rods.  Opted to switch to spinning gear and by that time all the arms were tired anyway.


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