Slow Start – Fast Finish

Fished with Jessica and her posse today…all CT locals. Started out at Valiant and caught a few Black Seabass and a nice bluefish but fishing was pretty slow. About the time we were getting bored a pal of mine texted me that the fish were going off at Plum Gut. Weather was okay but windy so we slogged our way to Plum pounding all the way. We were rewarded for the long ride with plenty of birds and fish once we arrived. Pretty much fish everywhere but almost all were right in the ferry lane so we dodged ferries and their wakes all day. Still a ton of fun and lots of fish. About the time we caught our fill of bluefish…the half day was coming to an end so we headed home. Stopped at Harkenss and caught a couple more topwater bluefish under birds. All the fish were caught on 15lb test. 1/2 jigged off the bottom and half caught under birds. In the end everyone caught plenty and a good day was had by all. Not a GREAT day ‘catching’ wise but a really good day ‘fishing’ wise. Such a nice group of young fisher-people. Looking forward to fishing them again.

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