Fishing for Keeps

I don’t often fish clients for ground-fish as most of my clients want to chase fish on the surface with a fly rod or light tackle.  Today though was different and  I fished Mark and Tony from the New Haven area and …they were hell bent on  catching some fish to eat!! Mark’s wife had set up the trip as a Father’s day gift for Mark.   Only had four hours so we got on some fluke near the marina. Caught maybe 10 shorts but also caught two big fish in the 23-24” range and another nice fish right at legal.  Also caught several Black Sea bass & Bluefish and a dozen giant porgies in my secret spot.  Fish were very tide sensitive and once the tide stopped so did the bite. Weather was gorgeous with a light breeze.  Water is warming too….it’s up 4 degrees in the last couple days to 64-65 in  eastern Long Island Sound.  All in all a nice day for fishing.

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