Hot at the Dock but Beautiful on the Water

As hot as it’s been, the weather was gorgeous on the water yesterday.   I fished with Southern CT local Guy and his teenage son Cameron.  Both were real gentlemen and lots of fun to fish with.   We left a little early to make a run to Watch Hill looking for Bonito.  We searched the Watch Hill and Napatree outgoing tide pretty hard and never ran into any of the speedsters.  From there, we headed to the back side of Fishers Island and came on a school of big Stripers free swimming on bait.  We saw the big fish come up twice but kept hooking their schoolie size pals.  It was pretty exciting though.  We kept working our way west,  all the way to Plum Gut, and picked up a few more Stripers and Small Bluefish along the way.  Weather was gorgeous and flat calm most of the day.  Ended the trip with plenty of smiles and a pretty good day of fishing considering we didn’t get into many fish.  Separately,  Long Island Sound is full of bait and my guess is the False Albacore are only a week or two away – so get ready for some crazy fishing soon.

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