Fish on Every Rock.

Fished a really good fly rod-er today….. JD from upstate New York.  He had an early morning commitment so we could only fish from 5-9am.    As we were making ready to leave the dock the fog really rolled in and killed our plans for heading to Watch Hill.  All we could do was put-put around so I started hitting every rock from Avery Point to Niantic and wouldn’t you know that there were Stripers on just about every rock.  JD’s 4th or fifth cast, only a half mile from the dock, yielded a big Striper strike but the fish didn’t stay hooked.  Wasn’t long though before he had another fish on the fly rod.   We picked our way up to black point and on the way JD foul hooked a really big Bluefish that ran him around the boat a time or two. Finally landed the fish and weren’t disappointed with the jumbo Bluefish. Kept picking away for the rest of the trip at 20-24” Stripers. All in all a really good morning…..especially considering we only got the boat on plane once because of the pea-soup fog.  Back to the dock right at 9 to send JD off with a pretty good morning of fishing. Hope to fish him again when we can run a little. Fishing again tomorrow, so look for another report.



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