Albie Fever Day 3

So yesterday was Day 3 of trying to set the 4 lb women’s fly rod record for False Albacore. Unfortunately we didn’t catch our fish. Sure wasn’t for lack of trying or the number of fish though. Over the 3 days that Darlene and Charlie from Massachusetts fished they hooked a couple hundred, caught over a hundred and missed 25-30 on the four lb fly rod. The record is going to fall for Darlene, it’s  just a matter of when. Anyway, weather was nice , not great, yesterday. We had fish in virtually every spot we looked and even had Albies in spots we weren’t looking. Fish were still aggressive eating 1 oz. chrome jigs and 3/4 oz jig heads with swim baits. On the fly rod a tutti fruitti clouser minnow did the trick. I fish pretty light gear. 10 lb braid to 15 lb leaders on spinning and 15 lb, 8-9’ ft leaders on the fly rod. Still mountains of Albies everywhere.  Weather crummy today and tomorrow but going to be nice next week. Days open next week too so let’s go fishing.


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