False Albacore Quality not Quantity

Fished 3/4 day with a local from Atlantic Beach yesterday.  Found albies right outside the harbor channel and pretty quickly were hooked up. Those first two fish were really big fish.  From there we headed west and found a shrimp boat with another big fish. That all happened between leaving the dock at 11 and 1 o’clock.  We then checked at least 10 other shrimp boats and didn’t find fish on any of them.  Ran out past Cape Lookout and found lots of fish busting bait in the lake inside but we weren’t able to hook up. Ended the day at Beaufort Inlet where we found more   False Albacore but all had lockjaw. Weather was sunny and 60 degrees with a 10-15 mph wind. All in all a nice day for mid month but I’m ready to get back to lots of fish in the boat in one day. I’m fishing myself tomorrow, trying out some new techniques with the fly rod and 4 lb test so I’ll keep you posted tomorrow regarding quantity.


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