Great Fall Weather for Albies and a Few Black Sea Bass Too!

Fished early with a fly rod only guy from the Hartford suburbs. Got in to a bunch of small Bluefish right at first light.  I expected the Albies to still be jumping in the boat but not so much today. I’ve found in years past that perfectly calm and warm weather usually means a slowing in the Albie bite. We did find Albies in a couple different places in Eastern CT but they weren’t thick like they were through the big blow earlier in the week.  We ended with a bunch of Bluefish and one Albie on the fly.  Afterward we dropped some 1oz diamond jigs on light spinning rods in a couple of my secret spots and were able to catch a couple of huge Black Sea Bass.  Two of these Sea Bass were the biggest I’ve caught or seen this year in the 24-26″ range and those  are BIG seabass.

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