Porgies or False Albacore?!?!?!

Fished with a fantastic family from CT yesterday – a mom, dad and two kids age 7 and 10.  The idea was a fun half day for the family to catch a boat load of Porgies.  So, off to ‘Porgyville’ we went.  They ended up with a giant cooler full of Porgies but here’s the kicker…… We were in False Albacore all day long and the 7 year old boy, the 10 year old girl, and dad all blasted on the False Albacore.  Each got their first Albie in short order and had the time of their life doing it.  Once you catch an Albie (especially for the kids) it’s hard to go back to Porgies.  Anyway, what started out as a porgy trip ended being a great False Albie outing.  Albies are in thick so let’s hope they hold up after hurricane José makes his way past CT.


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