Big False Albacore!

Fished yesterday with Michael and Dovar from Southern CT.  My goal was to get them to catch their first False Albacore.  We stopped at  Race Point and got Bluefish.  We left for Watch Hill and found a few Albies but more boats chasing fish than there were fish.  We were able to get Dovar his first Albie at Watch Hill though.  We started working  our way west and found schools of Albies working all over from Watch Hill to Plum Gut.  Ended a long day with a dozen Bluefish and 25 False Albacore!  The Albies we ran into and caught were really big fish compared to last year.  I charter for the month of November at Harker’s Island,NC where the Albies are huge.  The fish yesterday were all Harker’s Island size, many of them weighing into the teems.  One fish was 31″ long – that’s a monster False Albacore!  I’ll have either tomorrow or Sunday open so call, text or email and let’s go fishing.  Take a look at the video below of a family of dolphin at a Race Rock yesterday…unusual to have them inside the sound like they were.

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