40 Albies in a Half Day Trip With One Angler!!??

Today I fished with a good fisherman, Rick from Connecticut.  We only fished a half day and got 40 Albies to the boat.  Truth be told, I fished a little myself too, but still…40 False Albacore in a half day is crazy good fishing.  Fish on the fly rod ate Albie Whores and fish on spinning rod ate 1oz diamond jigs like they were wings at Hooters.  It really couldn’t have been any better. For all my locals, please get booked as fishing is fantastic and the weather is gorgeous.  By the way, we didn’t have to run for the fish – they were all local.  As of now I’m not booked for tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th so, If you can play hookie for a few hours text, email or call and let’s get on the fish !!



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