Quality Fish this Wednesday!

Fished with a good fisherman from CT today. We fished almost all the rips from Plum Gut to Watch Hill.  The fishing wasn’t lights out but the fish we did get were all quality.  Beginning of the ebb tide was actually pretty slow but things picked up dramatically  as the tide progressed. Towards the end of the ebb we were finally in a lot of quality fish.  Stripers outnumbered Bluefish 4 to one today although they were schooling together on sand eels.  Fish were  finicky on what they ate and how it was presented.  Liked a small paddle tail minnow on a light jig with a slower than normal presentation.   Fish stayed  on the bait through the slack tide.   All in maybe a dozen quality fish for the day. All stripers and bluefish caught on light spinning tackle with 15 lb braid to a 15lb fluorocarbon leader.  Fish were released to fight another day.

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