Family Fishing Fun

Fished with Heather, Joe and their two young boys yesterday. Weather was gorgeous and fishing was really good. We fished the ebb tide. Joe was an experienced fisherman and Heather liked to watch more than fish. Both the boys LOVED reeling them in once they were on the hook. Anyway, only had a 1/2 day so looked at a spot near the marina and immediately found Stripers and Bluefish. For nearly all of the four hours we chased school after school of mixed Stripers and Bluefish. The boys and I set a goal of 30 fish and in the end we caught 28….but we hooked probably 50!! Anyway, all the fish were caught on the surface with light spinning rods,15 lb. test with 1 Oz jig heads and 5 “ silver paddle tails. Really nice family!!! Can’t wait to fish them again.

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