Before the Storm. Game On!!!

Fished with 2 great guys, Mark and Mike, from New York yesterday. Had to get moving before I had to pull the boat for storm Henri. Fishing turned out to be really good. Left a little early and were rewarded right away with two giant bluefish. One over 20lbs. Went to a few more spots and caught Stripers on top water one after the other for maybe two hours. Turned out to be light tackle heaven. Second half of the day I fished with Seth, a good fly rod guy, that I fish often. Was looking for fish close to the marina so we could get back a little early and pull the boat out for storm Henri. Found fish 2 miles from the marina and again (but this time on the fly rod) caught Stripers one after the other for the rest of the day. All in all …..what a day we all had. Perfect weather and all before the storm hit. Can’t wait to get the boat back in the water so we can get after them again. Should be good to go by mid week.

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