Lots to See but More to Catch

Fished 4 nice folks from Minnesota and Massachusetts. Weather was terrible in the morning but cleared nicely by the time we headed out. We fished the flood tide and to be honest fishing couldn’t have been much better. This gang caught giant bluefish one after the other and all on top water. Fish blasting out of the water chasing baits… it was quite a site. Besides the big Bluefish they were looking for some fish to eat so caught a quick dozen jumbo porgies, seabass and a half dozen mackerel. Tried to get home before dark but ran across a huge school of mackerel that were ‘boiling the ocean’ on our way in so we had to stop to get another 6-8 of those. What a sight they were ! All in all really fun day with a really nice group of people. All fish caught on topwater with 15 lb test leaders, 1oz jigs, fast retrieve.

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