Practice Makes Perfect.

So I fished Jamie yesterday. He’s really good with a fly rod and his results prove that when conditions are tough practice makes a difference. Yesterday was windy, gloomy, foggy, and not the best for fishing. But Jamie caught fish when every opportunity presented itself. First stop was Plum Gut …we chased birds on the ebb tide and caught several Stripers and Bluefish. Never saw an Albie at all. Off to the sluiceway where we picked up another bluefish. Then to the east end of the race where Jamie caught 4 huge bluefish. Worn out from those and with the ebb tide going slack we ran to Watch Hill. On the way we ran into a big pod of Albies at the back of Fishers island and wouldn’t you know that’s the one time when the flybrod got tangled. Turns out that would be our last shot at Albies for the year. Anyway, Watch Hill was a dud so back to Race Rock with the flood tide now running and we were treated to acres of Mackerel. What a sight these Mackerel were. Jamie caught a dozen or so and we were off again. So…fishing wasn’t that good but Jamie and his expertise with a fly rod allowed us to turn a so-so fishing day into a successful and fun trip. Can’t wait to fish with Jamie again next year. **** For me now off to North Carolina next Saturday. Only fishing there for a week this year and only fishing with some pals from Boston from for the whole week. I’ll post plenty of pictures and reports beginning next week.

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