Bang-Bang Fishing for the Federal Boys!!!

Fished Walter and his 3 pals from Minnesota yesterday.  The first spot we fished, this gang of experienced freshwater fishermen caught 52 bluefish in about 2 hours. They caught fish on the first cast and it continued from there. Headed to another spot after the bluefish wore them (and me) out.  The next spot proved as good but for Stripers instead. The second spot had a crazy fast rip so we could only fish 1 or 2 of the guys at a time and still we caught a boatload of nice Stripers.  Ended our day chasing Godzilla sized Bluefish and the guys caught three of the biggest bluefish I’ve ever had on the boat.  All our fish were caught on light tackle and 15lb test with various 1oz baits retrieved really fast under birds.  What a nice group of guys came to town to visit their pal.  Glad I was able to show them some really spectacular CT saltwater fishing. It’s a day I’ll remember forever.

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