Cold. Rain. Wind. & Acres of Albies!!!

I fished Seth today – a Hartford area local and a good fly fisherman.  Seth is actually a freshwater trout guide on the Farmington River.  He fished the Farmington in a drift boat and if that’s your thing you should give him a call.  You can find him at or at 860-242-1500.  This time of year even guides get Albie Fever.  So off we went to the boat. It was blowing 15-20, raining and 49 degrees. But, False Albacore love crummy weather so we were determined to fish.   Didn’t get a mile from the dock and we were both soaked. Took me an hour to get to the reefs that I wanted to fish and normally would have been a 25 minute run. Weather got bad enough that I had to take some detours to avoid really choppy seas. Finally, I got to our spot and were rewarded with acres and acres of hard feeding False Albacore.  Didn’t take long to get hooked on the fly.  Seth was using my GLoomis 9wt and Abel reel loaded with 350 gr Orvis  Hydros Depthcharge line. Even these hard feeding fish are fussy and leader shy so I used 9-10 ft leaders with 14lb fluorocarbon tippets. I’ve been tying my own version of an Albie Whore fly with loads of head flash and lots of tinsel in the tail.  Pink, White and Grey have been the hot colors.  For those of you fly fishing …..keep practicing as it really makes a difference on a day like today.   Off to North Carolina Albie Fishing in 10 days or so but I’ll have plenty of Connecticut fishing reports before then.

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