Stripers and Bluefish for Liza and Billy!

I fished a quick 4 hours with Liza and Billy from Westchester County and NYC.  Both have tons of boating experience and Billy had lots of fishing prowess.  We were trying to fit the trip in on a late booking so the tides weren’t perfect but we were able to find fish anyway.  Wind was tough leaving the dock so we crept our way over to Race Rock Lighthouse.  Just as we got there False Albacore blew up right at the boat.  Billy put a 1oz diamond jig right on their nose and bam!  Hook up.  Fish fought like crazy on a light rod and leader but was acting funny for a False Albacore.  After a long fight the Albie turned out to be a big Striper that was in the frenzy with the Albies.  From there we caught a bunch of big Bluefish.  One that Liza caught was a brut that wore her out.  That big boy weighed in at 18lbs – really big fish on light tackle!  We caught several more Bluefish and had a ball but never did find Mr Albie.  Anyway, great young couple and I hope to see them again soon.

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