Double Albies on the Fly!!!

I fised both tides with a wonderful father/son team (Dave &Parker) from CT and FL.  We left the dock at 7 and immediately ran into a 20 mph SW wind.  It took us an hour to get to the rips but found fish most everywhere.  Both Dave and Parker are exceptional fly roders and even with the wind were determined to get their False Albacore on the fly.  Well, not only did both get fish on the fly but they doubled up on Albies!!  Windy as it was, we hooked five or six fish and boated three.  And, we got back to the dock in time for Parker to make his flight back to Florida.  Fish were all caught on a sinking line with a 14lb leader.  As crazy as it seems, the False Albacore were eating baby crabs the size of ticks, so they were tough to coax to the fly.  Best fly was an Albie Whore immitation that I tie with lots of flash and gray/pink hackles.  A good time had by all and a great double hook up memory.  Hope to fish these guys again soon.

false albacore fishing ct


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