4 Triples !!!!!!

I fished with father Scott, 15-year-old son Tyler, and 15-year-old pal Gavin.  All three were pretty experienced fishermen and we fished both tides and a full day.  They caught maybe 100 Stripers, Bluefish and Sea Bass.  All the fish were caught on 1oz diamond jigs or 1oz swim baits around 4+- inches.   The diamond jigs had to really be burned fast to get the fish to eat.  The guys had at least four times that all three were hooked up at once.   We had a couple hours that at least one of the guys was hooked up at all times – for two hours strait!  Crazy good fishing!  Anyway, we fished the ebb at Watch Hill and truth is we struggled to get fish on the ebb tide, but we did pick away all afternoon.  We headed west all the way to Plum Gut and found fish everywhere on the flood tide and the fish were also way more cooperative on that tide.  Anyway, got back right at dark with the whole gang tired but happy.  Hope to fish this group again soon.


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