Where are the Bluefish?

So I’ve been fishing non-stop with clients and clobbering the Stripers but for some reason we’ve caught relatively few big Bluefish this year. By mid July the reefs should be loaded with Bluefish on both tides but, so far , my clients are 20-1 catching Stripers. Water temp is behind this year to be sure but this last week the water on the reefs has  been in the mid 60’s and that should be plenty warm for our Bluefish pals. While guys that are looking for fish to eat don’t mind most of my light tackle and fly rod clients  put most everything back so a hard fighting 15lb Bluefish is welcome on my boat any time. And I’ve only boated a couple big gators this year. Plenty of small Bluefish but the big boys have yet to show for the season. Offsetting the Bluefish though are mountains of Stripers in the 20-28” range and that’s keeping  everyone happy.  Let’s hope this weeks warm weather and warmer water along with the moon tides changes things around.

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