Windy Again! But Still Plenty of Fish!!

Fished with Greg and his son, 5-year-old dynamo Gio, today.  We encountered some of the roughest weather of the year.  High winds, big offshore swell, and monster chop, but Gio was ready to catch fish so off  we went.  We found mountains of fish in The Race but it was too rough to fish it so we ended up behind Plum Island mostly trying to get out of the wind.  Gio got the first fish, maybe a 5lb Bluefish, and his dad and the captain picked away picking up bluefish between the chop.  We had to get out of the wind so we put-putted our way back to Millstone where Gio again whomped on the little bluefish. Imagine, 5 years old and he’s casting and reeling in his own fish.  Sometimes he needed the rod holder to help on bigger fish, but even then he did it on his own.  Anyway, we caught fish, dried out and warmed up at Millstone.  Then went off to Black Point where we got in to a big school of bluefish.  Greg did fine but Gio may have out-fished his dad there too.  Long day for a half day but worth the time with a fine young fisherman and his dad.



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