Giant Stripers Today – My Biggest Ever!!!!

So I had a client reschedule today’s trip for next week and another was not able to fish today (but wants to go in August instead).  Since I was ready for clients, I decided to fish myself and took my 15-year-old nephew along with me.  I decided to try a spot I hadn’t fished in a while and luckily I actually stopped in there for a look.  I had seen some big fish there a day earlier and lo and behold they were still there – on top chasing huge baits.  I hooked three right away and all three spit the hook but I could tell they were big fish so we kept at it and the fourth fish, the big boy, stayed hooked.

After maybe a 20 minute fight on light tackle, I finally got it to the boat and was shocked at how big it looked in the water.  I went to grab him with my boca grip and when the grip wouldn’t fit over his lip I realized this was really a big fish.  I horsed it over the gunnel and weighed it in at just under 50 lbs.

IMG_0837.JPG copy
Me with my 50-pounder

Anyway, almost immediately after I weighed the fish my nephew hooked up on another big fish.  It wasn’t quite as big but still another jumbo, especially on light tackle.  So for the day we hooked five.  Three spit the hook and two were landed.  What a day along with maybe 25 nice bluefish.  You never know what a day might bring but I’m itching to get fishing again.  I don’t usually post my own fishing reports but this is my personal best along with my nephew’s so I figured we’d gloat just a bit.  Let’s go fishing!!!!!

My nephew’s big catch

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