Stripers and Bluefish on Light Tackle and Some Really Big Stripers Late in the Trip.

Fished with Robby and Jason from a Phoenix and Bob from Chicago today.  We fished the flood tide early and found only scattered birds on fish. We were actually lucky to pick up a couple of fish early and get the skunk off of us. Bob mentioned something about bananas for breakfast so that may have been part of the early problem. Once the flood tide got going though the bait and birds turned on and we were able to pick up some nice fish in short order. We followed that tide east and picked away at stripers and bluefish all the way to the east end of Fishers Island. Decided to head in towards CT shore near New London so we could pick up some small bluefish for their BBQ. Picked up a bunch of 5-8 lb Bluefish on the slack tide also several schoolie stripers. While on some 2 lb bluefish we ran in to a dozen giant stripers near the mouth of the Thames. These were really big  fish in the 30-50 lb range. They were chasing bunker clear out of the water right off the stern of the boat. They were only on the bait for maybe a minute and we weren’t able to get them to eat, but we were all thrilled to see a ‘giant striper frenzy’  with bunker flying out of the water to evade the giants. In the end we got plenty of bluefish and stripers on light tackle, in a half day,  but were all left thinking of the fish that could have been on the ride home.

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